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Why We Won't Be Having Brand Reps Anymore

As you can guess by the title, here at Bishop HQ we've decided to stop having brand reps.

As much as we LOVED every single one that we've had over the past year (list of them below!) It's got to the point where it's becoming too much for us.

Both of us have full time jobs alongside running Bishop, Please! and we were finding that we weren't giving our full attention to our brand reps.

Having two Instagram accounts to juggle, coming up with new designs for BP, Mouse Scouts, Conventions, actually making stock and posting it out (and having regular jobs as well) you can imagine we haven't had much time to sit back and enjoy what we have.

This isn't to say we aren't doing anything brand rep related at all though! We will be launching...


The 1st of every month, we will be picking our favourite picture taken by yourselves (and tagged us on Instagram!) and giving you a 50% off code to spend on whatever you like in our shop!

We see SO MANY lovely photos that people take of our products, and we just wanted a way to give back to you all!

Along with the new Picture Of The Month competition, we'll also be able to do more giveaways! (who doesn't love a giveaway right?!)

As we won't be sending our usual £30 brand rep boxes out, we'll be able to give all of that away to all our lovely followers!

So if you're not following us on Instagram, I think now is the time to do it! haha

But once again, I do want to say a MAHOOSIVE thank you to all of our brand reps that we've been very blessed to have. It's wonderful to say I can call you all my friends.

May - July 18' - @lucysroomtoys, @disneybypaj,

August - Oct 18' - @spectromagical_, @kerrylouisenorrisdisney, @adventureswithlew

Nov 18' - Jan 19' - @tangled_little_tefiti, @lemonclements, @minniemouse98

Feb - April 19' - @obiwanjadeobi, @lizeindisney, @pontydoesdisney



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