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If you’re following us on Instagram (@Bishop_Please) then you would have probably seen 1 or 20000 pictures of our new baseball caps!

Since we expanded Bishop into our clothing range, we always knew we wanted to do accessories as well. Caps are TOTALLYYYYY in this summer, so we knew it was the perfect time to strike whilst the irons hot!

It was just the ideas we were lacking. What would people want on a hat? What design would look good? We needed something to stand out, not like anything you could get from the high-street! Feeling frustrated and fed up, I shouted over to Adam – ‘Come on! Get your thinking cap on!’

AND THAT’S WHEN IT HIT US! Who would have known my passive aggressive comments would turn into anything great?!

As soon as we had our idea, we knew exactly who we were going to get manufacture our hats. Our very talented friend Lauren (@pink_bird_originals) was trading at her very first con, the same time that we were! We were so overwhelmed by her fantastic embroidery, that we knew we would work with her sometime in the future. We’re so pleased with the quality, I’m sure we’ll be working with her again soon! And it’s always great to support small business so close to us!

So if you’re a creative sausage yourself or like to think of wonderful ideas, and need a little helping hand. Then I’m sure our Thinking Caps will help you along the way! (plus we fill them with love and joy whenever we send them!)



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