• Adam

Time to get shirty!

I have a bit of a weird relationship with t-shirts.

My dad was a self-employed t-shirt printer up until about a year ago (he retired, sorry it sounded like I meant he died, he isn’t dead, he’s alive, he’s called Kenny, he loves digestive biscuits.)

Anyway, me and Bethan talked about the idea of designing and printing our own t-shirts. I just assumed my dad would do it.

Now, it’s not like he wouldn’t of done it even though he was retired, the problem was that he sold all of his equipment, so he literally couldn’t.

How inconvenient.

Originally we were going to wait until after the wedding to make our first t-shirts, but as we are getting married in September, we’ve recently been on a drive to raise as much money as we can (surprise, surprise, weddings aren’t cheap!) so we decided to go for it!

So we ramped up our ideas and decided that we would sell t-shirts a few months before the wedding – to get us over the line in terms of money – and to test the water to see if our previous customers and social followers (who are the bees knees) would enjoy them.

Now, growing up with a dad who lived and breathed t-shirts. I knew a few things:

1. Screen printed t-shirts last longer and feel better

2. The t-shirts need to be soft and light

3. Overstocking would be okay, as we sell at conventions

Now, because I know the process of creating a t-shirt, I wanted to print them myself. The only issue is that space is not something we have in abundance. So for these first designs, we were going to have to find a supplier!

Me and Bethan talked and were recommended a company by our friend Adele (off topic: she runs an AMAZING company called DogFuriendly which promotes places that allow you to take your dog, they also arrange meet up and other wonderful events)

The company she recommended was called RampTshirts. A screen printing company, with incredibly affordable prices and they shipped within 2 weeks.