Top 5 Snacks At Walt Disney World

Hey, back with our top things from Walt Disney World! Hope you're enjoying these, because I LOVE writing them! I've probably eaten ALL the snacks in WDW so it was so hard only picking 5, so here goes!

5) Carrot Cake Sandwich - The Trolley Car Cafe, $3.99 (Dining plan accepted)

Holy Macaroni - this just beautiful to put in your mouth! Its so lovely, soft and moist! They used to have a verison in Writers Stop (R.I.P) and it was more like a cookie, but the one in the Starbucks location in Hollywood Studios can only be described as one big fat cake! Its GORGEOUS :D 7 Ears!

4) Funnel Cake – Multiple Places, $7 (Dining plan accepted)

Funnel cake… Mmmmm. As a Brit, we don’t these over the pond. So I try and make the most of it when I come to Disney World and buy at least 10 a day. I can only describe them as a doughnuty taste with a crispy texture. And they are a whole mess of yumminess. With various places to buy them around the parks and water parks, you can try every different flavour! My personal favourite is just the sugar topped one. Great for sharing! 8 ears!

3) Colossal Cinnamon Roll - Starbucks locations in the parks, $8.99 (Dining plan accepted)

Ok firstly, how beautiful are these to take pictures of? Secondly, THEY TASTE LIKE PURE HEAVEN. Me and Adam can't go a day in the parks without having one of these for breakfast. Disney suggests that they serve 2. I might suggest to Disney they don't know how much I can eat haha! They're so soft in the middle, crispy on the outside (and here comes the best bit) THEY'RE SERVED WARM. Need I say more? 9 Ears!