Top 5 Rides At Walt Disney World

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

We've visited Walt Disney World a few time now, but there is ALWAYS a couple of rides we have to ride over and over again!

5) Space Mountain - Magic Kingdom

This ride must be about a million years old, but I think that’s what makes it so charming! This roller coaster is so rickety and jittery; you won’t even want to put your hands up because you’re too scared you’ll touch the track above you. If you weren’t fully awake when you got on this ride, you will be after! Such a classic ride that will throw you into space. 8 ears!

4) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood, 1939. 5 people went into an elevator and never returned. And now that same elevator is opening for you! DUN DUN DUNNNN. Super terrifying and stomach turning, this ride is bloody fantastic. You get spooked from when you join the queue until you leave the gift shop at the very end. And if you’ve just eaten, remember the golden rule… No tower for an hour! Not for the faint hearted, but a real thrill ride! 8 ears!

3) Spaceship Earth - Epcot

A lot of people might be thinking “really Bethan, REALLY?!” But yeah... REALLY. Who doesn’t love a ride which is educational, fascinating AND narrated by the most wonderful voice on this planet, Dame Judi Dench. (And if you’re really lucky, there are some special ride throughs with Jeremy Irons!) You get to learn about how communication has developed since the dawn of time AND how the Phoenicians gave us our ‘ABCs’. This may not be a thrill ride, but knowledge is thrilling... right? 9 ears!