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11 Foods You NEED to Try at Walt Disney World in 2019

If you've headed to this blog post from our latest Adam & Bethan Podcast, then WELCOME!

If not, then you can go listen to us talk about all the yummy food over here! 👇

1) Combination Bowl - Satu'li Canteen

Adam SUPER loved his counter service meal from Animal Kingdom, in fact it was his favourite thing he ate during our whole trip.

It's so great because you get to pick exactly what you want!

So Adam picked in his bowl:

- Beef & Chicken

- Noodles

- Creamy Herby Sauce

A great pick if anyone wants to be *slightly* healthier whilst in Disney World.

2) Foot Long Corn Dog - Sleepy Hollow

After refusing NOT to try a corn dog every time he's been to Disney World, he finally took the plunge and tried the Foot Long Corn Dog from Magic Kingdom...


The batter was so nice and soft, the corn dog inside was juicy and the best thing...


Although, he wishes he did have some dip with it next time!

3) Croque Madame - Be Our Guest

If you can't afford dinner at Be Our Guest (I mean seriously who can?!) Then breakfast is the PERFECT alternative!

Adam gobbled down his Croque Madame before you could say Bon Appétit!

This open faced Ham Sandwich may look like a mess, but it was delicious!

The fried egg on top and the creamy Gruyere Cheese, and Béchamel really made this a breakfast to remember!

4) Big Ol’ Donut - Joffrey’s

These doughnuts are NOT to be missed. We think we had 5 in total over our whole trip and they are to die for.

Brought in fresh everyday, these doughnuts are so soft and fluffy!

We know they're called 'dough'nuts, but these are so doughy and like no other doughnut you'll ever try!

These bad boys are only one snack credit as well! *COULD* be shareable, but we're not sharing ours anytime soon...

5) Mickey Celebration Donut - The Launching Pad

On the subject of doughnuts, LOOK AT THAT THING!

Firstly, it's actually bigger than Bethan's head. Secondly, its delicious.

...that's all the points we have.

Unlike the Jofferys doughnut, this really IS a sharing snack, as essentially what you have is 3 massive doughnuts!

We're going to say the quality of the doughnut isn't as good as the Jofferys one, but the quantity sort of makes up for that!

6) Mickey Celebration Cheeseburger - Cosmic Rays

This was just a standard cheeseburger, but with the added feature of MAC N CHEESE, bacon and little bacon bits!

Who doesn't want Mickey on their burger?!

Adam even said this was one of his top tier of food that he ate in Disney!

Who knew Cosmic Rays in Magic Kingdom could come out with this beautiful cheeseburger!? Not only that, you get to sit and watch Sunny Eclipse in action!

7) Mickey Beignets - Sassagoula Floatworks

The amount of times we've been to Disney World and we never have never tried these beauties!

And they were by FAR Bethan's favourite thing she ate during her trip.

Not sure watch a Beignet is? Neither did we!

They're french doughnuts, that are SUPER fresh and soft, with a sprinkle of icing sugar on the top, DELISH!

It's 100% worth the trip over to Port Orleans French Quarter.

8) Vegetable Pizza - PizzeRizzo

LOOK AT THAT FACE! Bethan*really* loves the pizza here at PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios.

There's mixed reviews about this pizza over in the Disney community, but to Bethan, this pizza is pure heaven!

It even comes with a cute little cesar salad, so you can pretend to be healthy whilst you scoff down your pizza!

ALWAYS empty in PizzaRizzo, so if you just want some shade from that sun, here's your place!

9) Churro - EVERYWHERE

It's an oldie, but a goody! And you don't have to travel far to get one.

We honestly think there must be a Churro stand every hundred yards in Disney World, and we know why.

They are DELISH and quite easily shareable! (you touch my churro and we kill you)

Deep fried for pure unhealthy goodness and the crunchy sugar on top adds all the flavour.

The chocolate dip you get with them are really good as well. It's just a win all round!

10) Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums - Neighborhood Bakery

Straight over from Disneyland's California Adventure, this cookie is what dreams are made of!

It's our very first deep pan cookie (thats the only way we can describe it!) and it won't be our last!

So hard and crunchy on the outside, and then pure soft and gooey in the middle.

There honestly isn't a better cookie we've ever had...EVER!

11) Lost Princess Cone - Storybook Treats

If you're listening to the podcast, you're probably think HEY HEY HEY THIS WASN'T MENTIONED!

Well you can count this as your surprise guest to the list and it was too good not to mention!

This treat came in a purple cone, filled with lemon soft-serve (which was SO refreshing in that Florida heat!) topped with some edible flowers.

We're not going to lie, Bethan did pick the flowers off! But how could she not get this cone whilst bounding as Rapunzel!

So that was it! Our top 11 things we ate in Disney World during our last trip out there!

Just to let you know, this was in May 2019, so some of the things we've mentioned might not be there later on in the year. You know what Disney are like, always changing up the menus!

What is your favourite thing you've ever tasted in the parks! Leave a comment below and let us know :)



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